About Email Marketing- Aweber Review

In order to stay connected with the target audience, email marketing should always be employed by marketers. Ineffectual email marketing efforts prove that as a marketer you are not doing the right things. Perfectly and methodically carried out email marketing enables marketers to take quick action, evaluate outcomes, and advance campaign’s performance over time. All these are done in a much quicker time with a minimal resource investment.

Below five are the handy tips which aim to optimize your email marketing.

1.Subject line and sender’s name

Though it looks very simple, it plays a major role in your email marketing! Your subject line is the very first thing that catches the attention of the email receiver and further motivates a reader to go ahead. It should be to the point and effective. At the same time, it should not be misleading. The subject line ideally is the gist of the entire message. To optimize your subject line, keep it relevant, personal, and actionable. Rather than sending an email as anonymous, it is always advisable and effective to send your email as a person. It should include your signature which builds trust in the email receiver that email is not SPAM. According to a study, sending an email from higher authorities like CEO, COO is impressive and leaves positive effects on the reader’s minds.┬áCheckout Aweber Review for more info.

2.Personal touch to avoid SPAM

Each of the emails you sent to your email marketing campaign has to be the quality of relevance. Approx 40% of the irrelevant emails are marked as SPAM based on the study of Marketing Sherpa. You can bring the personal touch to your email by letting your reader know that you know a little about them. It should NOT look like a generic message and send to a bunch of similar people or similar businesses. You should write your message in such a way that it looks like customized only for the intended receiver. You may include their success stories, recent updates, or any other information so that they find it relevant to them.

3.Relevant and Dynamic Body Content

Each of a business email should satisfy the criteria of 7Cs. They are completeness, conciseness, consideration, clarity, concreteness, courtesy, and correctness. The combination of these 7Cs definitely results in effective and relevant body content. Over and above, it should be compelling which ultimately increases the success ratio.

4.Visual appeal to persuade CTA

No one has enough time to sit and read through long essay type of emails which is full of content and content. It simply bores to the eyes and causes some sort of stress to the brain. Try to add eye-pleasing and relevant visual appeal. Even if a receiver does not read the entire content, he at least gets the gist of the message through the meaningful Infographic used. Yu may opt for A/B testing for the same to test the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. The only aim should catch the attention of the reader and persuade him to act on call for action.

5.Inclusion of social sharing links

Last but not the least, this is also very important. Persuade your email readers to share your content either on social media or in their networks. This can be done easily by including various popular social sharing links and buttons. Popular platforms are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, and many others.

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